Ways to Make Your Kids Fall in Love with Winter

The reason why so many children have a complicated relationship with the winter season

 is obvious. Rather than build a snowman, play snowballs or go sledding, they stay home with their smartphones, tablets and laptops. Parents are happy and children don’t feel bored. However, just because your children don’t play outdoors doesn’t mean they have a lower risk of catching cold and flu. Spending hours in front of the screen can cause much more serious diseases than running outdoors. If you’ve noticed that your child literally hates the wintertime, try out these tips.

1. Take baby steps

Whatever you do, you can’t encourage your children to spend some time outdoors during the winter season. They are not interested in building a snowman or skating. They can’t stand snow, and watching TV is the best activity for them. No pressure. Don’t try to make them fall in love with the winter activities at once. Take baby steps. Today ask your children to help you feed the birds – make it a habit. Tomorrow you may ask your little ones to help you build a snowman in your front yard. Or, ask them to take a short walk in the park to feed the animals that are very hungry and waiting for them. Your task is to find a reason to get your children out and into nature. 

2. Do it together

It’s hard to have your children turning off the TV or putting down those video games when one of family members stays home and watches TV. Show your children that all of you love wintertime, and there are plenty of fun outdoor activities to enjoy. Set a good example and your children will definitely follow it.

3. Watch winter-themed movies and read winter-themed books

One of the easiest ways to make your kids fall in love with winter is to let the TV and books do their job. Once they see how other kids in the movie enjoy winter activities they will want to try them too. Reading winter-themed books before bedtime may also encourage your children to play outdoors in the morning.
Ways to Make Your Kids Fall in Love with Winter

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