Saturday, January 14, 2017

Lovely Ways to Use Your Hands When Kissing 9

Kissing is a sweet workout that can spin your head around and make you happy in a matter of seconds. 

Even though you mostly use your lips and tongue during a kiss, your hands should also take part in this workout. The last thing you want to do when kissing is to stand still, even if you`re a fantastic kisser. When you and your partner do nothing with your hands, your kiss isn’t as seductive and passionate as you want. If you`re going to pleasantly surprise your boyfriend next time you kiss him, here are a few lovely ways to use your hands to jazz up your make out session.
Hold his hands
There’s something magical in holding each other’s hands when kissing. You show your partner that you want to be closer to him. You want to touch him and show your love. You show the warmest feelings of yours when holding your guy`s hands like in those French romantic movies. But don’t hold his hands if you don’t want to do that. He will certainly notice your insincere move.

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